About myself

Gunnar Ingo Seebach

date of birth : 6 september 1973
place of birth: Braunschweig (Germany)

At very young age I lived in England for a bit more than two years.
I finished School in 1993 and had to join the german army. So, during 12 months I spent plenty of time in german hills and forests.
Finally I started to study Cybernetics at the University of Stuttgart. But very soon I decided to make a change, so I took part in the student exchange program TIME with a french school for engineering, the Ecole Centrale Paris. I stayed there for two years and afterwards finished my studies in Stuttgart.
I postponed my thesis because I decided to spend 6 months in Mexico as a working student at Volkswagen.
Now I finished all that student stuff and finally obtained my diploma, actually my two diplomas.
Since march 2001 I'm employeed at Robert Bosch GmbH.